Is Snoring Damaging your Skin?

This looks and sounds a bit silly – after all, what are we worried about here? Are we concerned that somehow the snoring stretches the skin and causes wrinkles. Well, actually no – here we are concerned about acne.

Scientistic studies have proven that acne can be made worse by stress. Sleep deprivation causes stress and so your snoring or your partner’s snoring may actually be negatively impacting your skin.

If you have never held a pillow over your partner’s face and only stopped smothering them because you watch CSI, you probably will not understand but a snoring partner can lead to significant increases in stress.

It is also not just the sleep deprivation – if you get stressed out because you cannot sleep it is a double whammy – the cortisol in your blood causes a problem with the hormones and this can cause acne. Find out how and why by reading this acne treatment review.

So, if murder is not an option (and, no matter how you feel at two in the morning, it is not) you need to do something about the snoring fast.

First establish the scope of the problem – are you unable to actually get to sleep if they are snoring? then maybe schedule an earlier bed time.

Is their snoring so bad that they wake you up? Then you may need to look at sleeping apart or consider getting ear plugs – I find that the silicone ones are comfortable and very, very effective.

The other side of the coin is if you are the snorer. I fall into this category, apparently, but I never really worried about it. It was only after a consultation at a sleep clinic that I found out how serious this could be.

It was not the snoring that was a problem in itself but a side effect known as sleep apnoea. Basically this meant that I would wake up every so often because I was trying to catch my breath.

In the morning, I would remember nothing of this but the effects were manifest in me never feeling like I had slept properly. Because you keep waking, you never get to the most restorative phase of the sleep cycle.

So, whether you snore or live with someone who does, your skin could be affected.